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Frewsburg Rest Home Resident, Lucille, Turns 102!

We at the Frewsburg Rest Home would like to wish resident Lucille W. a very Happy 102nd Birthday!

Lucille was born in Cattaraugus, NY where she grew up with 4 sisters and 1 brother! She always loved helping out around the house and playing in the yard with her siblings. Her mother passed when she was in her teens so she helped raise her siblings as well. She went to Cattaraugus High School until it closed and finished out her schooling at Little Valley High School.

Growing up Lucille loved sewing, knitting, crocheting/baking and many other hobbies.  “Lucy” loved playing the piano most, it was something her mother taught her. She would be in Church for hours practicing and playing for others. Her Church even donated an Organ to her, for her love of music and all that she did for the Church, which she has brought with her to the Frewsburg Rest Home. She some times even still plays!

Lucy says she has always taken great pride in baking and cooking for others. She sure has not lost her appetite for good food after all these years! Her and her husband Carl loved to host dinner parties and have all of their friends and family over. Lucy and her husband did not have any kids of their own but she says, “there was always family around to spend time with.”

Now she enjoys listening to music, to books on tape, going to Church services and greeting/visiting with others in the hallway. She is one of the sweetest ladies, with the warmest heart!

Lucille states her favorite memory in her 102 years is, and will always be, fixing up/building her home with her husband. When asked what the trick was to staying young all these years she giggled and said “I don’t know, you just have to keep going, keep working.”

We thank you for all the smiles and wisdom you have given us since becoming part of the Frewsburg Rest Home family, Lucy!

Here is to 102, another year of fellowship and fun!

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