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The Chef’s Corner Presents: Lemon Bars



 Travis Bensink, our Chef and Dietary Service Director, builds fantastic menus using a variety of flavors. He recently changed up some of our menus adding in some new recipes and flavors while keeping with some of the traditional meals the residents love. One of the things Travis really enjoys making is desserts for the residents. Travis said recently, “I love being able to add a little something to their day by giving them a food that makes them reminisce about summer or the way their grandma used to bake”. Travis puts a lot of thought into all of the food he prepares here at the Tanglewood Group.

Recently, the Tanglewood Group was asked to speak to a group in Alleghany, NY. Travis jumped at the chance to show off his baking skills and made a variety of baked goods for us to bring with to the presentation in Alleghany. The folks we spoke with just raved about Travis’ lemon bars. Today, we included the lemon bar recipe to add to your collection of Tanglewood Group Chef’s Recipe cards. Click the link below and let us know how it all bakes out for you!


Lemon Bar Recipe


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