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Comfort Today March Look Back

This month Comfort Today had fun trying out some new activities and outings, so let the shenanigans begin!

We made some new connections playing Scrabble at the Scrabble Club that meets at the Lakewood Library on Thursday afternoons. We always enjoy new experiences, and meeting new friends (it’s always fun to sharpen our Scrabble skills).  Next time, we will remember to bring our dictionary!

Speaking of new experiences- we had a guest pianist from The Magnolia join us for our Mardi-Gras celebration. We enjoyed “King Cake” with coffee while we were entertained by beautiful piano music.  One of our members was very excited to have the baby in his King Cake (which means a year of good luck).

We went to Southwestern High School to see the musical preview of “Mary Poppins”, and our members were impressed with the students’ talent. One of the questions that the students asked us was “Do you know how to spell “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”? It’s harder than you might think because no-one could get it right.

Usually, our group enjoys going out to lunch, but it was a special treat to go out for a pancake breakfast to Davidson’s restaurant to celebrate “Maple Sugar weekend”.

We had a lot of fun during our “I love green party”. We had shamrock shakes, and some “Gold Coin Oreos”.  Our staff has a lot of fun dressing up for holidays (making our fun times even “fun-er”).

We are so excited for the Spring will bring us here at Comfort Today. If you have any questions or comments about any upcoming activities please contact Roxanne Vanstrom, Comfort Today Activities Coordinator, (716)338-0500, extension 2224. Or email at [email protected]


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