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Comfort Today June look back

Summertime at Comfort Today means ice cream, backyard BBQ’s, scenic lunch outings, and concerts in the park.

We started our summer off by looking forward to sitting outdoors, and eating our first ice cream of the summer. Unfortunately, Mother Nature didn’t concern too much about our plans.  Comfort is definitely an adjustable group, and enjoyed eating our first ice cream of the summer on a covered porch.  Whether rain or sunshine, there is nothing quite like your first ice cream cone of the summer.

Speaking of rain, we planned to enjoy an outdoor picnic at the Town of Ellery Park on the day we walk for exercise. Again, the rain forced an adjustment.  We ended up walking at the mall, and having an indoor picnic there. We really had a lot of fun, and the best part were all the folks that thought our lunch looked so good, and wondered if they could purchase one.

We planned a Backyard BBQ to celebrate Father’s Day (a day late), and this time it did not rain, so we had a lot of fun hanging out on our patio (enjoying our BBQ).

It’s that time of year again when we plant all our herbs in our garden cart, and watch them grow all summer long. We really look forward to making spaghetti sauce with them in the fall!

Comfort said good-bye to our preschool friends for this year. We had fun learning about bugs, and making our own ladybug masks.  Our members passed out a handmade “smarties butterfly” to each of our Pre-K friends to congratulate them on graduating from preschool.

Speaking of goodbyes, we want to wish our former director (Jessica) the best of luck as she begins her new position as Activity Director at our newest Olean location “Field of Dreams” in August.

With every end, is a new beginning. We want to welcome Jillian Jewell, our new director of Comfort Today.  We look forward to all the fun times that we will have with her. If you have any questions or comments about any upcoming activities, please contact Roxanne Vanstrom at (716)338-0500, or email at [email protected]

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