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Magnolia August Lookback

What a fantastic month August has been! Our last full month of summer had many beautiful sunny days as well as a few rainy ones which resulted in lush, green plants the following day.

For outings this month we started off with a nice picnic at Allen Park in Jamestown. It was a beautiful, sunny day for our residents to eat outside and walk around, we also enjoyed reminiscing about memories we’ve had there in past years. Next up was our ride around the lake, which is always a relaxing way to start our week, driving around the peaceful lake on an early Sunday morning and getting ice cream after is always a good time. Lunch at Tim Horton’s followed right after that and like most people around here, we love getting coffee and food there! The last outing for the month was our dinner trip to Davidson’s, which is a place we all love going to, and the food is always fantastic!

For concerts this August, BLT paid the first visit, which is always great to hear their soulful voices and guitar playing. Bill Eckstrom and his daughter came the next day and we loved hearing them sing some folk songs along with playing the fiddle! A week later the Chautauqua Adult Daycare came and sang some heartfelt religious songs and some fun songs from our younger days. Next on our concert list was not only a concert, but an outing as well; we went and saw the Lake Erie Banjo Jammers perform at Tanglewood Manor! It was great hearing the banjos, guitars, and mandolins being played along with singing, not to mention the beautiful weather which made everything even better! The last concert for this month was Bart and Ron who gave another fantastic performance playing their guitar and bass along with singing some of our favorite songs!

We had other fun activities this month as well, we had three movie and popcorn days with the first movie being Dolphin Tale, the second was Dolphin Tale 2, and the third one was the original Jumanji. It’s always nice to wind down and watch a movie together with some snacks! We enjoyed Walking Group this month as well, every day we had good weather for it except for one in which we had to resort to an inside activity and played Ladderball which is a game our residents always love playing. Another day, we played a fun game of Bean Bag Toss outside in our new pavilion. We also played games like Putt Putt Golf, Bucket Ball, Target Practice, Shuffleboard, and Horseshoes. Those were our more sports oriented activities, but we also had table games as well, such as Old Maid, UNO, Trivia, and the Golf Card Game.

With so many fun things going on this month we are for sure to have many more fun things happening in September! If you have any questions or comments about upcoming activities, please contact Aubrey Briggs in Activities at (716)569-3095 Ext. 6714 or email at [email protected]




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