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Magnolia Memory Care Household August Lookback

August was a wonderful month at the Frewsburg Magnolia Memory Care Household!

Throughout August, we participated in a surplus of fun and energizing games. One game that is a favorite of ours is Bowling! Aside from Bowling, we also played Bean Bag Toss, Ladder ball, Noodle Baseball, Bucket Ball, and Horseshoes. Some other activities that we participated in include Catch a Question, Trivia, I-Spy, Finger Nail Painting, Craft Club, and Bingo.We also had the opportunity to go to the fitness center to exercise using the exercise machinery. We have certainly kept busy with the various activities and games! Aside from these fun activities, we also really enjoy reminiscing and telling stories to each other. In addition, we enjoyed listening to music and dancing with one another!

We also were delighted with the wonderful entertainers that came to the Frewsburg Magnolia this month! Bill Eckstrom put on a concert for us and it was amazing. Stan Barton also put on a great show for us. It was a pleasure to hear both entertainers perform. They definitely kept the audience amused! The Chautauqua Adult Day Care’s singing group called the ‘Happy Grams’ also put on a show for us and we sang along with them! Our last concert was with Bart and Bumpy and they amazed us as always. We love listening and singing along as they perform. We can’t wait for these entertainers to come again!

The month of August gave us some beautiful weather that allowed us to sit and socialize on the porch. We really enjoyed the time we spent on the porch just being  together!

August was a month filled with laughter, fun, music, dancing, socializing, and much more. We can’t wait to see what September holds!¬† If you have any questions or comments about upcoming activities, please contact Aubrey Briggs in Activities at (716)569-3095 Ext. 6714 or email at [email protected]









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