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The Magnolia November Look Back

During the month of November, we have enjoyed preparing for the upcoming holiday season.

We were able to watch the pretty snowflakes fall as we were all warm and cozy inside. We kept busy by participating in all the fun and entertaining activities here at the Magnolia. Some of the games that we had fun playing this month were Rummikub, Apples to Apples, Golf the Card Game, and of course the legendary game of Zonk! Other games that got us energized and, on our feet, include Bean Bag Toss, Ladder ball, Bowling, our morning exercise, charades, and Wii games. We have added some new exercise programs to our morning exercise routine that are very entertaining- for those playing and those who are watching.

Aside from the games and activities, we had some terrific entertainment in the month of November. Our first entertainer was Nan Hoffman, who performed for us and put on a wonderful show. She traveled quite a long way to play for us and we are very thankful she did. Our second performer was Art A. and he play us some throwback hits that allowed us to reminisce on earlier times. It was nice to hear the background information to those wonderful tunes. Our third performer was Bill E. and boy does he put on a show. As always, we look forward to hearing him perform again! Mike Dennehy was our fourth entertainer of the month and we were able to sing along and dance while he sang. We love to hear him play and look forward to his next performance. Our sixth entertainer was Stan Barton and he is truly amazing to listen to. We love to sing-along with him and are thankful for his performance. Our seventh performance was by a band called Saved by Grace and we were honored to be able to watch and listen to them. Our last performer of the month was Russ Keiser and he brought a wonderful close to our entertainers for the month. We enjoyed hearing him sing all those wonderful songs. As always, we appreciate and thoroughly love to hear our wonderful entertainers perform.

The Frewsburg Leo Club came to the Magnolia to bake pumpkin pies with us in the middle of November and they were absolutely delicious. Our baking group made some tasteful pumpkin cookies that a lot of us enjoyed. Towards the end of November, we made our own snack mix to munch on during a movie. You can never have too many M&M’s, right? During Craft Club we made a bunch of snowflakes to hang from the ceiling to replace our leaf decorations.

Fortunately, we had some wonderful outings this month too. We went to Walmart and Dollar Tree to get some shopping done, and we might have bought some goodies too. We went to lunch at the Sakura Buffet in the Chautauqua Mall and the food was wonderful. We all left with full stomachs! For dinner we went to La Cocina in Lakewood, NY. This was another restaurant we didn’t leave hungry!

The month of November was delightful and filled with activities for all to enjoy. All of us here at the Magnolia are looking forward to the holiday season and we wish everyone happy holidays! If you have any questions or comments about upcoming activities, please contact Aubrey Briggs in Activities at (716)569-3095 Ext. 6714 or email at [email protected]

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