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The Magnolia at Frewsburg Rest Home May Look Back

It has been quite a month for us at The Magnolia! The turn of beautiful weather, warm temperatures, and summer fever has had both residents and staff feeling eager to see what the month of June will bring.

We began the month of May by celebrating Cinco de Mayo! Our Baking Group put together delicious “Walking Tacos” full of meat, cheese, onion, olives, salsa and Doritos. To top it off, we served frozen strawberry daiquiris and each took turns taking a swing at the pinata!  We had a wonderful afternoon spent with friends, listening and dancing to Spanish music. Wherever there is a fiesta, that’s where you will find us!

Shortly after Cinco de Mayo, we honored and observed us as mothers, or our mother-figures in our lives for Mother’s Day. It was a beautiful morning spent drinking tea and eating delectable homemade cannoli served with strawberries. This year’s Mother’s Day celebration was much different from prior years since we were unable to entertain guests. To make up for the turn of events, The Magnolia staff put together a special Mother’s Day Parade the following day. Although it was rainy and cold, the high spirits and warm welcome from seeing our family members brightened our day much more. Our residents and staff are so appreciative of those that were able to take the time out of their day, and make this a wonderful addition to our memories.

The weather in May was often a hit-or-miss, although towards the end of the month, each day became so much warmer and brighter. We did a little garden tending here and there to prepare for our vegetable garden in the coming weeks, and we spent afternoons sipping lemonade on the porch, or going for walks throughout the yard. For a few weeks out of the month, we became responsible for the lives of a few caterpillars that blossomed into beautiful Painted Lady butterflies. We enjoyed learning about their life cycle and watching them from the net they resided in, until we set them free at the end of the month. We’re looking forward to parenting more butterflies within the coming weeks as the summer season is in full swing.

Another change for us was the cancellation of Frewsburg’s yearly Memorial Day Parade and our own picnic in the pavilion. Although these have been very important staples in our celebrations, we definitely did our best in making the most of what we had. We spent the morning of Memorial Day having a patriotic sing-along on the front porch, singing loudly and proudly for cars and bystanders to hear on their daily commute. We also had a delicious lunch menu consisting of burgers (or burgers with cheese), potato salad, and vegetables and refreshing lemonade or iced tea. In the afternoon, we kept up the spirit with Red, White and Blue ice cream sundaes to top it off!

As quickly as May arrived, June came swiftly approaching. We’re looking forward to getting our hands dirty in the garden, spending the afternoons walking around The Magnolia in our outdoor walking group, and celebrating not only the First Day of Summer, but also our father’s during our Father’s Day Donuts for Dad celebration! For any comments or suggestions, please send to Ericka Johnson, Activity Coordinator, at (716) 569-3095 ext. 6714, or by email at [email protected]

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