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The Magnolia at Frewsburg Rest Home Memory Care June Look Back

Welcome summertime! It certainly has been an exciting month with beautiful weather to match. We’re looking forward to hot sunny days spent on our porch in the upcoming month of July.

June welcomed several opportunities for tasty summer treats to be enjoyed. Our baking group was put to work making a few delicious treats including cheesecake, Jell-O cups, and delicious chocolate chip cookies to enjoy as an evening snack. We soaked up every opportunity we had to spend on our back porch, in fact, we spent an afternoon (or two!) in our favorite rocking chairs with a refreshing root beer float or bowl of ice cream in hand!

 Father’s Day was a special day to celebrate, especially considering the men here at The Magnolia were unable to spend it with family like normal. The father figures in our lives were treated to an assortment of delicious (and HUGE!) array of donuts from Farm Fresh Foods Bakery. Between sprinkle, glazed and cream filled donuts, we were hardly hungry for lunch! In addition to our Father’s Day gathering, we hosted a Father’s Day drive-by parade in the front and backside of The Magnolia to give families the opportunity to show their love and support. We had a great turn out, and each person that attended had definitely left with a smile on their face. It turns out that day was even a resident’s 80th birthday, which made the parade even more special!

Several times this past month we took advantage of our artistic abilities and crafted beautiful necklaces using melted crayons, and even dressed up straw hats with flowers for both a fashion flair or as a welcome sign for our doors. Ice cream and a glass of lemonade has been a staple in our diet during porch parties in the afternoon!

June was the official start to summertime fun, and we’re certain that July will be ever better! For any questions or suggestions, please contact Ericka Johnson, Activity Coordinator at (716) 568-3095 ext. 6714, or by email at [email protected] .

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