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Open For Visitation at Tanglewood Manor, Memory Garden, The Magnolia, and Field of Dreams

The NYS Department of Health has issued guidance related to Adult Care Facilities and Visitation.  These provisions below, are effective today:  Friday March 4, 2022.

General Visitation Guidance

  1. All residents reserve the right to deny or withdraw consent at any time, to any resident visitors of their choice including but not limited to immediate family or other relatives of the resident and any others visiting without the consent of the resident. Such incidents of a resident refusal will be documented.
  2. Visitation may occur regardless of whether there is a confirmed positive case and/or open outbreak investigation.  This includes Compassionate Care visitation.  Designated contacts will be notified of positive resident and/or employee cases via Mass Calling.
  3. All visitors must follow the core principals of COVID-19 infection prevention, including observance and adherence to all posted signage within the facility.
  4. Visitors must maintain physical distance from other residents and facility staff. We kindly ask that you remain in the visitation area, and do not walk within the facility or resident areas.
  5. Visitors will be screened upon arrival. Visitors who have symptoms of COVID-19 irrespective of test results, or currently meet the criteria for quarantine should not enter the facility.
    1. Testing, or proof of vaccination are not required to visit.
    2. Appointments are not required for visitation
    3. There is no time restriction for visitation
  6. Visitation may occur in resident rooms.
    1. If a resident’s roommate is unvaccinated or immunocompromised (irrespective of vaccination status) then visits should not be permitted in the resident room.
      1. If the above resident cannot leave their room, then visitation may still occur, as long as the core principals of infection prevent can be maintained.
    2. There is no limit to the number of visitors a resident can have at one time, however physical distancing must be ensured. In some instances, visitation in the resident room may not be appropriate.
    3. Large social gatherings during which a large congregation of individuals in the same space cannot maintain physical distancing should be avoided.
      1. Visitors are encouraged to utilize our outdoor spacing that can accommodate these requests, weather permitting.
    4. All visitors should wear face coverings or masks and physical distanced, regardless of vaccination status. Resident should wear masks as tolerated.
    5. While not recommended – residents who are on quarantine or transmission-based precautions can receive visitors. Alternative communication via phone or technology-based platforms will be made available.
      1. All residents may engage in physical touch, based on preferences and needs. Physical contact (hugs, etc.) is permitted regardless of vaccination status.  Understand that the “risks” associated with this include: possible transmission to/from an unknowingly infected individual, which can be easily transmitted to vulnerable individuals with underlying health concerns and/or are immunocompromised.
    6. Residents may leave the facility as they choose
      1. If the resident (or family member or other individual associated with the resident) reports a possible close contact to an individual with COVID-19 while outside the facility, and the resident is unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated, the resident should be placed on quarantine and the LDH notified. If the resident becomes symptomatic, the resident will be placed on transmission-based precautions, regardless of vaccination status.
      2. Residents who plan to leave the facility for more than 24 hours should notify their Case Manager prior to departure, to discuss the re-admission plan.

Nothing herein absolves the Tanglewood Group of its responsibility to perform regulatory-required supervision and to ensure that the resident and family communication is ongoing.  Based on residents’ needs and consisted with the facility staffing and physical plant, visitation can be accommodated in a variety of means including in resident rooms, dedication visitation spaces, and outdoors (weather permitting); and will be person-centered with consideration of the residents’ physical, mental, and psychosocial well-being, and support their individual quality of life.

The safety and security of our current and future residents is our top priority. We are admitting new full-time residents after a professional health screening. Employment opportunities are also available. Tanglewood Manor, Memory Garden, The Magnolia, and Field of Dreams are open for limited visitation.Learn more.