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Tanglewood Manor February Look Back

Hello everyone!

It has been a while, but it seems like spring is right around the corner, and the lingering sense that winter is coming to a close. Hopefully, this is symbolic for the end of the pandemic as well. Most of our staff and residents have received the vaccines, both doses, and we are gradually approaching circumstances that should allow for progression towards some semblance of normalcy yet again.

While we have been standing by in wait, we have certainly remained as active as safely possible here at Tanglewood Manor, offering an array of activities. From weekly Bowling, to many musical programs, daily morning exercise, and of course, bingo twice a week. These activities are garnished with other resident favorites like cornhole and shuffleboard. Smaller groups have been offered with regularity as well, such as Texas Hold’em and Chess. The main focus here has been the effort to keep folks as active as we can right now, and putting smiles on the faces here at our facility. Laughter is a common trend at any one of our activities, just something we strive to provoke out of each other! We do have a St. Patrick’s Day party coming up next week as well — pictures should be soon to follow. Below are some photos from a Valentine’s Party that we had recently, as well as a group called “Krazy Kazoos!”

Anyway, it has been a tough year, with the “anniversary” fast approaching of that dreadful day signaling the beginning of this dreadful but necessary lockdown. Now as the COVID-19 numbers are dwindling down, and visitation options being expanded, it is our hope that things will continue in this positive direction, and that that light at the end of the tunnel only continues to brighten. For it has been dark for far too long, and it sunshine is desperately needed, and will be greatly appreciated once it arrives!

If you have any questions or comments for upcoming activities, please contact Daryl Simons, Activities Director at (716)483-2876, ex 2222, or email at [email protected]

The safety and security of our current and future residents is our top priority. We are admitting new full-time residents after a professional health screening. Employment opportunities are also available. Tanglewood Manor, Memory Garden and Frewsburg Rest Home are open for limited visitation.Learn more.