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Feeling fit at Field of Dreams: Our exercise philosophy

At Field of Dreams, we understand that healthy bodies lead to happy minds. The better we feel… the better we think… the better we live. To get the best idea of how we help our residents achieve the healthiest and happiest lives, we sat down to talk to our fitness instructor, Lisa Auteri, for a quick chat.

Here’s everything you need to know about our exercise philosophy at Field of Dreams!

Exercise is transformative.

The response to living a healthier lifestyle has been transformative for everyone—not just for the residents who participate, but for our entire community. As more folks become active, they immediately start to see how rewarding the benefits are, both mentally and physically. And now because being active is so popular among residents, more folks are starting to develop a positive outlook on fitness. Success for residents and a general sense of positivity extends to staff members, too, who love sharing the good vibes of our active community. 

Residents are encouraged and supported.

Unfortunately, many people dislike exercise. To turn this unhealthy perception around, Lisa’s core mission is to inspire people to participate in sessions they might be quick to dismiss. For example, one of our residents, Mary, had been struggling to walk. In Mary’s mind, her inability to walk regularly would make it impossible for her to exercise. But guess what? Now you can find Mary walking the grounds with ease, with confidence, and with regularity!

Why? Because Lisa’s persistent encouragement, safe and thoughtful approach, and positive energy helped Mary change the way she viewed exercise. According to Lisa, the idea of exercise as a new adventure with practical benefits is what fuels activity at Field of Dreams, and that has proven to be the definitive difference among our community.

Easy transitions are the way to go.

Initially, some residents view exercising as a pain (both literally and figuratively). And others are simply intimidated by physical fitness. For residents who understand the value in exercise—but might not want to participate in group sessions—Lisa leads gentle one-on-one training sessions in residents’ rooms. Eventually, they’ll join larger group activities and quickly become happy about their decision to make healthier choices.

A sensible approach means achievable results.

Typically, training is conducted using light resistance bands, which are less likely to cause impact strains or pains on the body. Lisa often holds training sessions in the residents’ own rooms, whether it’s in one-on-one sessions or a small group of participants. Additionally, group walks along the grounds help create a social atmosphere that makes exercising a more attractive alternative to more sedentary activities. After healthy and happy session with Lisa, many residents can be seen enjoying independent or group-based exercise.

Loving life. Living well.  

When residents, trainers, and supporting staff all find peace and pleasure from exercise, life is good. “I see Mary out and about, and it warms my heart,” Lisa explains. “I love the residents and relationships we all share with each other. It’s a warm reminder of what I’m doing to help, and that’s what keeps me coming back!”

Join us!

Positive energy, enthusiasm, and vibrant living are endless at Field of Dreams! To schedule a visit or reserve your stay, contact us today!

The safety and security of our current and future residents is our top priority. We are admitting new full-time residents after a professional health screening. Employment opportunities are also available. Tanglewood Manor, Memory Garden, Frewsburg Rest Home, and Field of Dreams are open for limited visitation.Learn more.