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Memory Garden Look Back on March 2018

 March was a crazy month as far as the weather goes but that didn’t keep us in our households nor did it stop us from having fun.  We enjoyed lots of activities and had some wonderful outings throughout the month of March.  We had our St. Patrick’s Day party where although we weren’t drinking anything but rainbow punch you might have thought a little leprechaun made a visit to the punch bowl with all the fun we were having! The residents had fun with the photo booth while they enjoyed green cupcakes and rainbow sherbet punch, but the fun didn’t stop there. We also enjoyed our monthly block party in the households with pizza, salad, and drinks.  Although the weather was nasty outside we were warm and cozy inside enjoying the music and of course eating pizza!

The residents enjoyed a couple of outings as well, one being not that far from home.  We were invited by Comfort Today to enjoy their concert of Suzuki players.  Our residents enjoyed the music of not only older violinists but younger ones as well, the youngest being five years old!  They sat and tapped their feet and swayed their hands to the rhythm of the music.  They also enjoyed a breakfast outing to Bob Evans where we were able to sit and reminisce about life before Memory Garden. We also enjoyed light conversation about all the joys life has to offer now. The next stop in our ventures was the Jamestown Bowling Company where we were able to bowl a game against each other and then sit down and enjoy a nice lunch.  We stayed on the go not letting the weather keep us down.

While we were at home we enjoyed a few concerts by John Larson and his boys as well as Bumpy Peterson.  They got us up moving our feet and swinging to the beat, singing along to the songs we use to love so much, and still do.  We also enjoyed a lovely Easter Cantata put on by the Ellicott Baptist Church.  Their performance put smiles on the residents faces as they listen to the story of Easter  in song form. But the music didn’t stop there as we had our monthly birthday party and enjoyed the delightful tunes Lucy Miller played for us.

April is going to bring just as much if not more fun.  We are bringing in the month with an indoor picnic  in honor of National Peanut Butter and Jelly day we will have as our main course peanut butter jelly sandwiches, as well as some fruit, snacks and juice.  We are also going to enjoy Take Out Thursday, two trips to the Audubon, a trip to Olive Garden and so much more throughout the month of April.  We will be busy bringing in the spring months but hope that you can find time to come and join in the fun here at Memory Garden. If you have any questions about our activities throughout the month of April please contact Eleuthern Hunter at 716-488-9434 or by email at We hope to see you soon!