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Frequent Questions

Below is a list of the most common questions we’re asked. If you have a question that hasn’t been answered here, please feel free to contact us.

Residents must be ambulatory and able to transfer without chronic assistance, but may use a cane, walker, or crutches. We also accept individuals who are independently mobile and are able to transfer in a wheelchair. Through our Assisted Living or Levels of Care programs, residents with continuous oxygen, incontinence of bowel and/or bladder, and insulin dependent diabetics are also eligible for Personal Care services.

Contact us at 716-483-2876 to set up an interview with the potential resident. This can take place at Tanglewood or in their home, hospital, or nursing home. We have a simple screening process, a short application to fill out, and a medical form that must be completed by the potential resident’s physician prior to admission. As soon as those steps are completed, admission can take place – depending on availability.

We recently expanded the in-house services offered by professional medical staff for the convenience of residents who choose their services. Two well-known local physicians have regularly scheduled office hours at Tanglewood Manor. Preventative Diagnostics provides x-rays and diagnostic testing, and ACL Laboratories draws blood for lab work right here in our facility. We also provide podiatry and optometrist appointments monthly, right here at Tanglewood Manor.

Prescription medication is not allowed in residents’ rooms. However, with a doctor’s written order, over-the-counter medications may be kept in a resident’s room. For residents’ safety, all prescription medication is stored and administered in a routine fashion at the designated medical aide station.

Yes, every resident can have their own telephone hooked up and television service in their room. We are pleased to offer our residents an alternative cable source that can provide cost savings and same-day service for hookup.

Mail is dropped off at the front office, sorted, and delivered directly to each resident’s room. We are also willing and able to assist residents who need help with insurance claims, bills, etc.

Our delicious meals are served at the following times:


8:00am at Memory Garden, C-Wing at Tanglewood Manor, Cottages on the Pond

8:30am at A-Wing at Tanglewood Manor, Comfort Today

7:05am at The Magnolia, Tanglewood Manor



11:30am at C-Wing at Tanglewood Manor

11:45am at Memory Garden, Cottages on the Pond

12:00pm at A-Wing at Tanglewood Manor, Comfort Today

12:05pm at The Magnolia, Tanglewood Manor



4:30pm at C-Wing at Tanglewood Manor

4:45pm at Memory Garden, Cottages on the Pond

5:00pm at A-Wing at Tanglewood Manor

5:05pm at The Magnolia, Tanglewood Manor

Residents are always welcome to invite guests for meals. Guests who plan on dining in our facilities must notify the kitchen in advance and purchase a meal ticket from our main office or receptionist during business hours.