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There's a lot to consider, and we're here to help.

Many families feel guilty leaving a parent or loved one in assisted living. We’re here to give you peace of mind in your decisions. Our facilities promote an active experience for your loved one – one that prolongs life expectancy and adds the socialization important for fighting off memory issues that may otherwise arise or worsen. It’s never too soon to talk about Tanglewood.

The decision to have the discussion about assisted living is the hardest step. Be sure to remain calm and consistent while weighing your options for the future. Stay educated on the differences in care landscapes and learn about the health and happiness that our communities can bring. It’s a matter of life.

If you're a senior, consider what's important to you.

Which daily responsibilities are you ready to leave behind? Which do you take pride in doing? What do you wish you could do more of? Think about your health. Do you require daily assistance? Are you prepared if you suffer a sudden health setback? Is there anything your health is preventing you from enjoying? Think about your family. What do you think they want for you? What do you want your role to be in their lives as you age? Consider your support system. If you get hurt or sick, who can you call? Can help reach you quickly should you suffer a fall? How many people can you rely on no matter what?

If you're considering Tanglewood for a loved one, consider their fears.

Apprehension about entering assisted living is a normal response. Remember that your loved one is fearing a loss of freedom, independence, and dignity. Giving up their home is no easy feat. Be supportive and understanding, while reassuring them that this is the best next step for their lives. Consider your role. What do you want for your loved one as they age? What services can you reasonably provide, and what are you unable or unwilling to do? What is most important to you for their future? Consider their needs. Is their health stable or declining? Are they able to adequately care for themselves on a regular basis? Are there any signs of memory loss or mental impairment? Why is independent living no longer the safest option?

Unfortunately, there is stigma attached to the term “Assisted Living Facility.” Many people wrongfully associate assisted living with nursing homes, picturing their loved ones lonely and isolated in sterile environments. One visit to Tanglewood will help you understand that the isolation of nursing home care is non-existent in our communities.

We offer different levels of independence, comfort, and connectedness that individuals need to thrive – all with personal attention and care from our compassionate staff.

There are options available at Tanglewood no matter your unique situation. Whether you require 24/7 care or just a helping hand here and there, our assistance can be customized to your needs. That means keeping as much independence as you or your loved ones are safely able to enjoy!

We place a strong emphasis in putting life into our residents’ remaining years. Whether that is in the form of peaceful walks around our communities, participating in our many monthly activities, or simply enjoying conversation with fellow residents, our main goal is to see your loved one thrive – not simply survive – post-retirement.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

The best way to see if Tanglewood is the right fit for you is to experience it firsthand. We invite every potential resident to come visit our communities to observe residents, participate in activities, and enjoy a meal or two. Contact us today to schedule your visit!

The ideal time to move to an assisted living community is when you’re still in control of your life but would like to simplify your routine and lessen your daily stressors. Without “having to” make the decision to move, you’re able to remain in control of your future without stress or urgency.

Taking The Initiative

You’ve carefully planned out every other phase in your life. You saved for your children’s futures, spent time building your career, and put money away for retirement. Taking the initiative to plan for your life after retirement can be difficult, but it is a wise step to take as you continue on life’s journey.

Whether you are in immediate need of the care assisted living offers or are interested in weighing your options for the future, take a look at our various levels of care within the different Tanglewood communities.

And remember: the longer you wait to move, the less time you’ll have to enjoy life at Tanglewood!

Regular socialization promotes a healthy and happy mind and prevents sedentary lifestyles that tend to speed the effects of aging. At Tanglewood, we believe in the importance of daily interaction while tending to the needs of our residents on a personal, physical, and emotional level.

Active Living Defies Aging

The ideal environment in an assisted living community is one where there are regular opportunities to interact with others. We believe there is a direct correlation between health and happiness, and our communities have been created to better both aspects of our residents’ lives.

By participating in ample activity schedules and regular opportunities for socialization, Tanglewood residents do more than simply survive life post-retirement. They thrive.

Seeing is believing! Experience the Tanglewood difference by scheduling a visit of our communities.