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We know it’s not easy to move from your family home – and even more difficult to convince a family member it’s time to make a change in their living situation. We’ve been there and lived through the heartache and anxiety you’re feeling now, which is why we want to help quiet your fears and provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.

We all deserve the perfect level of care.

Your children are raised. You’ve toasted your final day at the office. You’re ready to mow your last lawn and scrub your last tub. You’re ready to start looking forward to your future again.

Independent Adult Living at Tanglewood is a wonderful way to welcome the future. The Frewsburg Rest Home and Cottages on the Pond provide residents with the opportunity to live independently while surrounded by a caring community. Whether you prefer a quiet setting in a scenic environment or the convenience of a larger population nearby, Tanglewood has everything you need to enjoy the life in your upcoming years.

At Tanglewood, you will enjoy all the comforts of home without the hassle of homeownership. Our independent living facilities offer housekeeping and maintenance services, personal care assistance, transportation services, and more!

Independent Adult Living Facilities

Your home has become a bit too much to handle. Your daily routine is feeling more overwhelming by the minute, and your medications aren’t taking themselves. You’re looking for socialization and independence with a little extra assistance. You’re ready for assisted living with the Tanglewood Group.

The switch to assisted living is sometimes met with hesitation. Many people feel that moving to an assisted living facility will be isolating and lonely. At Tanglewood, our mission is to make our residents feel connected, loved, and cared for on a daily basis. We provide personal care assistance, customized wellness programs, nutrition assistance and full meal services to tend to residents’ health needs; as well as scheduled parties, activities, events, and more to fulfill and enhance their social lives.

Experience the Tanglewood difference at Tanglewood Manor, our main facility with fishing pond, picnic pavilion, paved nature trails and more. Or discover a quieter way of life at the Frewsburg Rest Home, a stunning bed-and-breakfast style home that offers a scenic and serene environment with a touch of tranquility.

Assisted Living Facilities

You’ve forgotten to turn the stove off a few too many times. You find yourself forgetting simple things like how to spell a common word or how to say the name of your favorite foods. Your family is starting to get concerned about your overall memory, and wants you to seek help preserving it.

The Ferreri family founded Memory Garden in 2002 in memory of Louis Ferreri, the founder of The Tanglewood Group. We understand that caring for those with Alzheimer’s disease or other memory impairment issues requires extra patience, understanding, and compassion. Our residents get all of that and more with our memory care services. We offer the opportunity to feel independent while maintaining a high level of safety and care.

Each staff member is specially trained and available 24/7, and we offer a variety of services and activities specifically designed for the enjoyment and comfort of Memory Garden residents. When we say memory care is personal, we mean it. Learn more about our memory care facilities in the links below.

Assisted Living Facilities

You love meeting new people and participating in scheduled activities. You’re craving more socialization and purpose in life, but you’re not ready to make the move to full-time assisted living. Come for today, any day, at Comfort Today.

This day and respite service offers visitors many of the same great services and benefits enjoyed by residents. Whether you just want to get a feel for what Tanglewood has to offer or simply want to enjoy interaction with your peers, Comfort Today is a great place to be. From coffee with friends and exercise programs to salon and spa services, you can enjoy it all on a day-to-day basis.

Adult Day Services Facilities

You are the primary caregiver of a senior citizen and in need of a break. You’re looking for somewhere that is warm and welcoming, where you can take advantage of time for yourself. We understand the burden that home care sometimes brings, which is why we offer several programs for respite care.

Visitors will receive the same care and attention our residents enjoy, while caregivers can take a much-needed day off. For more information on our visitor programs and respite care, give us a call at 716-483-2876.

If you’re a caregiver to an elderly friend or relative or someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia, at times you may feel isolated in the cycle of care. We are committed to breaking that cycle by connecting caregivers with others facing the same challenges. Our support groups provide a comfortable place for you and other caregivers to gather, relax, and enjoy each other’s company.

When you’re responsible for the care of others, the burden can sometimes feel hard to carry. Tanglewood support groups take the weight off your shoulders with support and information in a stigma-free environment.

Give us a call at 716-488-9434 to save your spot at support group meetings.

The safety and security of our current and future residents is our top priority. We are admitting new full-time residents after a professional health screening. Employment opportunities are also available. Tanglewood Manor, Memory Garden and Frewsburg Rest Home are open for limited visitation.Learn more.