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Memory Care Households April Look Back

What a busy month we’ve had here in the Memory Care Households. The quick transition to Easter left us in a whirlwind of Easter events such as an Easter photo booth, Easter Social, spring bunny making and Easter egg decorating. We were able to catch small glimpses of beautiful spring weather, yet still continued to be plagued with dreary rain days for most the month. Although with May right around the corner, there is hope for better days and more sunshine up ahead.

We continued to enjoy our usual variety of music and social events at Tanglewood Manor, welcoming back the musical talents of Darren and Kristen, Lucille Shurkus, Nan Hoffman and Saved By Grace. We painted with Jill, allowing our creativity to do it’s best work by creating beautiful canvas’ of fields and trees, houses, animals and more. We laughed and sang alongside Dave Johnson, as he played his guitar, sang with us and shared stories of younger days and simpler times. We celebrated the birthdays of a few of our own here in the Memory Care Households and enjoyed a sweet treat of cake and ice cream on more than one occasion!

We traveled back in time to visit Jamestown in it’s younger years, watching an Old Jamestown Movie which showcased the city’s buildings, streets and shops that were there at a different period in time. Many of our residents shared their memories of Jamestown as they remembered it while they were growing up. We also traveled to France from the comfort of our own chairs, while we watched a movie based in France and ate as many eclairs as we could get our hands on.

The Memory Care Households are looking forward to another busy month as April turns to May. We have much to celebrate in the new month including the very special Mother’s Day, Memorial Day and Cinco De Mayo. We plan on enjoying lots of good food, good music and have our fingers crossed for warmer weather as our first sneak peek at activities in the Louis Ferreri Park will take place on Memorial Day as we celebrate with a picnic.

As always we extend our warmest welcome to all of you to come and join us for all the fun that we have planned for the month of May here in the Memory Care Households.