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Tanglewood Manor April Look Back

April has definitely brought its showers, for May’s upcoming flowers! What a fun and busy month we’ve had here at Tanglewood Manor!  It might have been a cold, snowy, and rainy April, but we didn’t let that keep our spirits down. Even with the yucky weather, we made each and every day a joyful one.

We kicked off the month with a very entertaining Easter photo booth, a nice Easter dinner, as well as a social where we had a delicious treat. We also enjoyed some old traditional past times and decorated Easter eggs, and some bunny-filled crafts! Painting with Jill is always a favorite of ours, as we use our talents of painting unique spring flowers. No picture is ever the same and we love to see the outcome. Continuing our celebration of Easter, we enjoyed wonderful music with Saved by Grace, they sang a ballad in honor of the story of Easter. We also enjoyed performances by Lucille Shurkus, Nan Hoffman, as well as Darren and Kristen.

Here at Tanglewood Manor we always enjoy getting some fresh air and enjoyed outings to Wal-Mart, Kmart, Dollar Tree, as well a mouthwatering meal at Friendly’s.  We held a birthday party in honor of all of our April birthdays with some delicious cake with a whipped cream frosting and ice cream. YUM!

We enjoyed a trip to France, right here at Tanglewood, and enjoyed a fun family movie set in France and enjoyed fluffy, creamy Éclairs and some sparkling grape juice. We took a look down memory lane and enjoyed Old Jamestown Movie, as it took us back in time to Jamestown’s buildings, streets and shops in a different period of time. This was a big hit as it brought up fond memories that the residents enjoyed sharing with one another.

As we continue to welcome hopefully a more sunny and bright spring, we cannot wait for what May will have in store for us here at Tanglewood. We look forward to a sentimental and warming Mother’s Day Tea, Cinco De Mayo fun, a Memorial Day Picnic, and enjoyable outings coming up, we cannot wait to get the new month started. We will also be kicking off our Summer in the Park events which we are absolutely ecstatic for!

Please join in on the fun here at Tanglewood as we continue to make this spring the best one yet! Rain or shine!