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Comfort Today June Look Back


Sometimes the positive side to experiencing a hard winter is that you appreciate the new warm weather pattern much more than if you had a mild winter.

At Comfort Today, we have changed things up a bit to take advantage of every beautiful day that we can.

Instead of walking at the mall, we walk the outdoor track at the Ellery Town Park. One day, we brought a picnic lunch to enjoy after we finished walking, so that we could really enjoy being outdoors.

We also went to the Big Tree for our first ice cream outing of the summer. We were a little bit out of practice, so we got some ice cream in places that we didn’t want it, but really had a good time.

We have been able to change our lunch outings to be day trips, and try some new restaurants in the county that we were not able to visit in the inclement weather. It is so fun when we drive by a place like Alleghany State Park, and our members get very nostalgic.

Father’s Day was a good reason for us to fire up the grill for our Backyard BBQ at Comfort Today. We started our celebration with some bingo on the patio, and ended with some homemade strawberry shortcake. Some of our members do not get many opportunities to be outdoors, and really enjoy spending time on our outdoor patio, and in the Louis Ferreri Park. We appreciate all the fun times that we’ve had, and look forward to many more.