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Frewsburg Rest Home June Look back


With June coming to a close we prepare for another beautiful and busy month ahead at the Frewsburg Rest Home! We enjoyed every sunny day we could out on the porch, participating in the town parade, outdoor outings and much more!

We had many great activities this month to keep us entertained! We had musical entertainment by Russ Keyser as well as Bumpy & Bart. Music is one of our favorite activities here at the Rest Home, they are so talented! We also were lucky enough to have one of residents’ daughters, Elaine, come in and teach us about the NYS bird-the Bluebird. Jill, one of our activities staff from the Tanglewood Group came down to the Rest Home to show us how to paint a beautiful sail boat and sunset art piece. We have so many talented resources here in the Tanglewood Group! We are so lucky to have such talent on our staff to share with our residents!

 The Red Cross allowed us to host a Blood drive for them here at the Rest Home this past month also! Many folks from the Community as well as the Tanglewood Group staff took time out of their day to come down and donate blood. Thank you to all who came out to donate and to the Red Cross staff who work hard every day so that we have the resources needed to save lives.

 We enjoyed Father’s Day lunch and “Donuts with Dad” on Father’s Day. We love seeing our residents light up when their families walk through the door. We would like to welcome families and friends to come visit their loved ones whenever they would like! We have plenty of activities and entertainment throughout the month to enjoy with your family here at the Frewsburg Rest Home. Please see our website for a list of events for each day on our calendar.

Our sister facility, Tanglewood Manor, has a beautiful outdoor concert venue, Louis Ferreri Memorial Park, which is surrounded by beautiful flowers and ponds! We have a Summer Concert Series each year that consists of 8 musical performances throughout the summer which we invite the public to enjoy also! Our Golden Gems are one of the performances held there this past month. They put on a fantastic musical performance directed by, Spencer Drake.  For a listing of the performances at the Louis Ferreri Memorial Park please see our website for further details! We welcome the Community to our Concerts at the Louis Ferreri Memorial Park!

 This past month we enjoyed a range of great activities! We planted our garden, participated in the Frewsburg Gala Days Parade, held an in-house Talent Show and Prom, had a picnic at the 86 Overlook, participated in Partner Reading at the St Luke’s Episcopal Church and enjoyed building Bluebird Houses with our Maintenance Man, Mark, among many other fun activities! We sure do like staying busy here at the Frewsburg Rest Home!



The construction in our back yard for our new Memory Care Unit has made steady progress this past month. We are excited for this new beginning for the Rest Home and expanding our services in the local community. If you would like to speak with someone about the fast-approaching availability please contact us at 716-569-3095 or email at