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Memory Garden June Look Back

We have had a wonderful time here at Memory Garden this month.  We brought the month in with a brown bag lunch at the Fenton Museum where the residents enjoyed looking at all the artifacts and even recognizing some of the pictures of how Jamestown use to look.  We had our own personal tour guide due to one of our own Memory Garden residents having extensive knowledge on the Fenton because she her self use to give tours.  She remembered all the little details, the staff at the museum were very impressed with her knowledge.  We sat outside at their picnic tables and ate our lunch while we converted about the squirrels and birds all around us.

Not even three days later we celebrated National Cheese Day with  music and great conversation while we ate cheese , crackers, and different kinds of fruit.  We then moved on to National Chocolate Ice Cream Day a few days later and enjoyed ice cream sundaes.  That Saturday the residents were taken to the Celeron Rib Fest where they enjoyed lunch.  We had a “trip down memory lane” drive through Jamestown NY,  as well as a visit to Long Point State Park to learn about butterflies and enjoy watching children trying to catch them.

Father’s day was spent by passing out the “cups of kisses” balloon -a-grams that families had ordered and having donuts with our dads.  Later we enjoyed a lovely Fathers Day lunch to show our appreciation for all the wonderful fathers here at Memory Garden.   Residents enjoyed their monthly Take Out Thursday here in our private dining room.  This month it was catered by Olive Garden.  They enjoyed their shrimp scampi, spaghetti , salads and bread sticks.  We also enjoyed our monthly Block Party on Sunflower Oasis were we had a taco pizza with a side salad.

With the wonderful weather outside we have been able to take the golf carts for a spin through our Louis Ferreri Memorial Park , as well as enjoy concerts by Anastasja, Barbara Jean duo and our very own Golden Gems. We will close the month out with  Summer Kick off picnic as well as a trip to Alpacaville.


June brought many memories with our baking  club, coffee house, Music with Spencer, Concerts with John Larson & Dr. Diamond , our Dog show ,Tea Time with Jill, Painting with Jill, chair dancing, and our monthly birthday party just to name a few. Even with all that June brought we are looking forward to what July has in store for us here at Memory Garden.  We will enjoy more concerts in our Louis Ferreri Memorial Park as well as our 4th of July Picnic.  We will be going to the Reg Lenna for a movie night and casting off on the Summer Wind Cruise ship for lunch and sightseeing. We are also going to catch the 35th annual Wheel and Car show in Bergman Park. We have performances by Cindy Sue as well a Lucille Shurkus and Saved by Grace.  We have a few new activities we are going to try as well for example having a cart ride scavenger hunt though the Louis Ferreri Memorial Park.  Please feel free to come and make memories with us here at Memory Garden.


Memory Garden, where we are still making memories.