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Tanglewood Manor June Look Back

We’ve had plenty of fun in the sun this month! As we are enjoying the end of the beautiful and warm spring, we’ll have no problem adjusting to the summer breeze, with ease!

We kicked off the month with a fun jam session with one of our favorite music duos, Darren and Kristen. We danced and enjoyed the Swedish Scandinavian Dancers and the accordion music by Don Sandy. On a nice sunny day, our residents enjoyed listening to Angelo with his harmonica and his silly jokes as we relaxed and had nice coloring session out on our patio. As part of our Concert Series, here at Tanglewood, the Band Anastazja played, in the gazebo in the Louis Ferreri Park, and we couldn’t help but sing along. Our Golden Gems leader, Spencer Drake, did a wonderful job leading a great sing along that all residents enjoyed, as they sang some old past time favorites. Another Concert Series group, the Barbara Jean Duo came to town and put on a memorable performance. We enjoyed the many talents of the Jubilate Singers Church Group as they showed off their many musical talents.  The Golden Gems rocked the stage as they performed in the Louis Ferreri Memorial Park and celebrated with a popsicle social to follow.

One thing we always put first and foremost with entertainment here at Tanglewood, is none other than food and delicious treats! Our baking group put together and baked some decadent S’more Pops as a yummy treat for our Ladies Tea Party. We kept it cool during our Resident June Birthday party with a homemade “Lazy Ice Cream Cake” made out of ice cream sandwiches, whipped cream, hot fudge and caramel. YUM! We celebrated and honored our amazing dads here at Tanglewood with Donuts for Dad on Father’s Day. Due to the warm days, our Chicken Soup for the Soul with hot chocolate, we switched things up a bit and enjoyed refreshing lemonade instead. After a good rainstorm the previous evening, the weather became absolutely perfect for a picnic in the Louis Ferreri Memorial Park with bagged lunches and great company. During our Armchair Travels, we travelled to India, where we watched “The Life of Pi” and ate some fruity cookies, based on the Indian culture and coffee. We ended the month with a casual trip for some soft serve ice cream as well as gave thoughtful gifts, of cookie grahams to give one another, a simple “sweet treat”.

As the spring gave us beautiful wild life and nature, some of our residents here at Tanglewood took a trip to the Audubon Nature Center. We met Liberty, the beautiful and majestic American bald eagle, as well as the many interesting exhibits and live turtles. We rooted for the home team, as we were able to attend a Jamestown Jammers Baseball Game, against the Newark Pilots.

One of our favorite activities here at Tanglewood and one we most look forward to, is Painting with Jill. We always enjoy her teachings, as we make our own version of her creations. Our craft group had a blast each week, as we created fun pieces such as CD Fish, floral wreaths, and got in touch with our inner child, as we got messy doing Water Gun Painting out on our patio. As we enjoy doing fundraisers to help earn money toward our Resident Christmas Fund, we held a spirit week and made things fun as we dressed silly every day of the week. We hold Popcorn Fridays, every Friday, which a big favorite around here!

With the summer activities, entertainment, and fun days ahead we cannot wait and look forward to what July will bring as we anticipate a memorable Fourth of July picnic and our concert series. Please join us as we create these fond and precious memories!