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Frewsburg Rest Home July Look Back

Can you believe July has come and gone already? We can’t! With all the fun things we had going on here at the Frewsburg Rest Home the month just FLEW by! We started out our month with a new interactive activity, reading with children at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church. We really enjoyed sitting and talking (& reading) with the kids every Monday! Speaking of reading, we still go every Thursday to the Myers Memorial Library also to have coffee and snacks with folks from the Community. We love getting to sit and chit-chat with others!

We enjoyed a variety of snacks this month also! From making S’mores with our Rest Home family in the side yard (just like we did as kids!) to ice cream at the Igloo to cool us down on those hot Summer days, we had a lot of time to reminisce with friends! We also went to Abers Acres to pick fresh blackberries to bake fresh blueberry muffins for everyone to enjoy at our afternoon drink social for National Blueberry Muffin Day.  We love getting outside any chance we can get, so having a National Hot Dog Day Picnic was a no-brainer, hot dogs fresh off the grill will entice anyone to come out and socialize in the sun!  We have fun no matter what we are doing!


Some of the hot days this summer have landed us inside with the air conditioning running, what better way to enjoy being inside than great entertainment! We enjoyed Davis & Eng singing bluegrass music and strumming away on their guitar and stand up base. We also enjoyed a new entertainer here at the rest home, Stanley Barton, he came to sing and play guitar for us! We of course got to enjoy a few Summer Concerts in the Louis Ferreri Park. Our own Golden Gems, directed by Spencer Drake, played for us all at the Park along with the KoKoMo Band and the Steve Strickland Duo! The Larson Family Band came in to play for us as well, they are very interactive with the residents, giving them instruments to play along with                                                                 them! Their children are all so very talented!

Our residents here at the rest home just love taking rides around the lake on beautiful sunny days to see all the things that have changed in town, the boats on the water and the beautiful scenery along the ride! We also enjoyed going to the Audubon to walk the trails and see all the plants and wildlife. Sitting and observing Liberty, the beautiful and majestic American bald eagle on site, was our favorite art! Onto other outdoor activities, we enjoyed sitting on the porch, enjoying Strawberry Rhubarb pie baked from rhubarb from our garden and fishing at the Tanglewood ponds again this month! Boy, do our folks know how to reel them in!

Some of our Veterans were excited to give a donation to the Frewsburg Legion on behalf of the entire Frewsburg Rest Home to sponsor a hole in their upcoming Golf Tournament! Ethel, our friend from the Frewsburg Legion is so very helpful and loves coming in to spend time with our vets!

Next month we will be having a car show here at the rest home for our residents and the Community, but in July we went to the car show at Bergman Park to see all the beautiful cars that came out for their show! From there we went to the Laurel Memorial Run & Walk in honor of the late Laurel Hotelling, one of our residents friends. Last but not least on our list of fun this month was a nice, home cooked, meal at Meeder’s Restaurant! We had been waiting for some of their pies all month!

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