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Memory Garden August Look Back

August was a very fun and crazy month full of great trips as well as wonderful activities right here at home. The weather being as hot as it was and jumping around with all this rain kept us indoors more then we would of liked however that didn’t mean we couldn’t enjoy ourselves just the same.  We kept ourselves hydrated and pushed on with the outings and activities.

Every chance we got we jumped on the golf carts and took rides around the Louis Fererri Memorial Park, we even enjoyed another scavenger golf cart ride where we looked for  certain items on our list as we rode around.  The residents loved it just as much as the first time around!  We were even able to find everything on the list this time.

We enjoyed going to the Bemus Point Inn for lunch as well as a lunch on the Summer Wind as we enjoyed a trip around Chautauqua Lake.  And we didn’t have to go far to quench our music thirst ,we enjoyed many great concerts this month.  We had Angelo playing his harmonicas and giving us his great stories and jokes, as well as the great music of Don Sandy during our weekly coffee houses of course, but we also enjoyed music from Michael Dennhey, Rick Bruenning, and Spencer Drake.  The Concert in the Park series kept us up and tapping our feet with great music from the Happy Days Band,  Old Dawg Blue Grass Band and the Lake Erie Banjo Jammers. Besides all the great concerts and picnics we also enjoyed our fishing tournament where our very own Anna caught the biggest fish! Even though we had to have some concerts inside and almost got rained on for another we all had a whole lot of fun and can’t wait till next summer to enjoy them all over again.

With all the great fun August  brought we are looking forward to everything we have coming up in September.  We are opening the month with a fashion show given by the children of some of the workers here at Memory Garden. S’mores will be served around the campfire while Spencer plays his guitar and our monthly visit from Angelo as well as Don Sandy is always something to look forward to.  We look forward to seeing Gabrielle again as she will be performing for us at the beginning of the month as well.  Lucille Shurkus will be back as well as our monthly dog show and Nan Hoffman.

Of course we will have our outings and indoor activities as well.  Visiting  Davidsons for lunch as well as other great resturants, and enjoying our monthly Take out Thursday and chair travel to Italy.  Tea time with Jill is always a warm welcome as well as many other activities and just enjoying each others company.  Please feel free to come out and join us anytime you like. We always welcome the company.