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Tanglewood Manor October Look Back

What an eventful October we’ve had here at Tanglewood Manor! With this rainy and cold fall season we’ve had so far, we won’t let that keep us down! We kicked off the month with a delicious sweet treat during our October Tea Party. We had a special guest Katlynn, who showed us how to decorate Halloween shaped, sugar cookies with royal icing. Boy were they delectable! We enjoyed the traditional Fall treat, donuts with apple cider during our Movie and a Snack hour as well as a moist orange sponge cake during our trip to Portugal in Armchair Travels. We ate a festive Halloween cookie birthday cake while enjoying the fun jokes and sounds of Angelo on his harmonica, during the October Birthday Party. What entertaining way to eat a donut, than donut bobbing? We sure had a great time! We ended the month with a fun and very festive Halloween Spook-tacular! We gobbled up some monster cookies, mummy dogs, and sipped on some witch’s brew (Sierra Mist and Green limeade).

One thing we definitely enjoy here at Tanglewood is the entertainment. We welcomed back Darren and Kristen Lambert, as they played old classics. The Larsen Family were adorable as they played their own instruments and had us all singing along. The King’s Express played some gospel songs as well as some old time favorites. Sadly we missed Davis and Eng, as they were unable to come, but we cannot wait to see them in December when they come back!

Pumpkins galore! We put this seasonal staple to good use this October. Residents painted the traditional spooky faces on some pumpkins. We also got to experience some of their favorite games with some creative Pumpkin Golf. We carved a jack-o-lantern, with a wide mouth, set the putting green in its mouth and couldn’t keep track of all the hole in ones! Residents had a blast with Pumpkin Bowling as well. With a small, perfectly round pumpkin, we rolled it down the lane to make Halloween themed pins explode! Strikes and spares oh my! We played Poke A Pumpkin game, where residents answered some tricky Halloween trivia. If they got the answer correct, they got to poke the pumpkin and either receive a Trick or Treat. What better way to play with the senses than a gooey, slimy, odd game of What’s In the Bag? With each bag with names like toenails, brains, guts, and witch’s hair, it was a game to remember. The residents had to guess what the items were made out of, mostly food. Their faces sure did say it all!

We are looking forward to this upcoming month of November, as we begin to reminisce and share what we are most thankful for. As we begin to get ready for the winter season, we cannot wait for what this holiday season will bring. If you have any questions or comments about any upcoming activities, please contact Jessica Paprocki, Activities Director (716)483-2876, extension 2222. Or email at