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Memory Garden October Look Back

Memory Garden had an absolute blast this October as we got into the Halloween spirit all month long! We watched the Disney Classic, Hocus Pocus to master our witching skills. We also played some fun games like Candy Corn Toss and Pumpkin Bean Bag Toss. Roll a Jack-O-Lantern, a player simply rolls a die and whatever number the die falls on, that is a piece of the jack-o-lantern’s face. Whoever gets their whole face filled first, wins! We got spooky with Mummy Bowling, where we used some Halloween themed pins and made some strikes! Residents played one of their favorites, Halloween Jingo as well. Jingo is a trivia game and Bingo all in one!

One thing we love here at Memory Garden, is food! What better month to enjoy some delicious food than October! We took a ride, amongst this cold and rainy fall season, and ate a delicious lunch at Betsy’s 5 Corner Kitchen. We couldn’t forget about breakfast at Bob Evans, of course! We gobbled up some Texas Hots at Johnny’s Lunch and some of our favorites at Davidson’s. Residents enjoyed a Breakfast Bonanza with Jill and our new Activities Coordinator, Cheryl with a savory homemade breakfast. All the plates were clean! One thing we look forward to is our tea party each month, what better way to enjoy some “Spooky Tea” than with Jill.

We love to dance here at Memory Garden and what better way than with live music! We sang along with Spencer Drake and enjoyed the wonderful sounds of Cindy Sue. Residents and staff welcomed the adorable Larsen Family as they played some old classics and played the piano and guitar. We welcomed back one of our favorites, Bart and Bumpy as they also played some old time classics and some tunes that kicked on our dancing shoes.

October couldn’t end without a big fun Halloween bash of course!! We enjoyed being spook-tacular while eating some delicious Apple Cider and Donuts! We welcomed the children for some fun trick or treating and enjoyed their clever costumes. Residents also enjoyed a fun costume parade held by staff as they showed off their fun and creative costumes as well.

We look forward to the upcoming holiday season as we welcome the cold and chilly winter air. We’ll stay by our comfy fire place and stay warm. Please join us as we enjoy these upcoming months! If you have any questions or comments about any upcoming activities please contact Cheryl Hayes, Memory Garden Activities Coordinator, (716)488-9434, extentsion 2226. Or email at