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Memory Garden November Look Back

Memory Garden had a wonderful December this year! The weather this December has been awesome.

We stayed entertained with some fun favorites that we always love to welcome. We started off the month with our very own Golden Gems performance of Christmas music.  We enjoyed gospel hymn ballads by Saved By Grace. We gave Gabriella Caruso a warm welcome as she got us singing and dancing in our seats. We were also entertained by Darren Lambert. Cindy Sue was awesome. The adorable Larsen family came back and showed off their many talents. Stan Barton and Steve Davis had our toes tapping with some fun country, and a little blue grass as well.

One thing we truly enjoy here at Memory Garden is of course, food. We had a Hawaiian day which we enjoyed a cherry and pineapple cake. We enjoyed a delicious lunch at Alfie’s. We made cake for our birthday party and gobbled it all up. Christmas Dinner was awesome. We held a block party on Iris with some tasty pizza.  We had breakfast at Davidson’s which was a hit for a savory breakfast.

We always like to keep busy with Painting with Jill as we painted our favorite scenes from our past.  We made some fancy Gingerbread houses. We enjoyed playing some Christmas Jeopardy, Christmas jingo, making hot chocolate and decorating our Christmas trees. We enjoyed reading The Night Before Christmas. Everyone has had a great month!

We will be keeping our holiday spirit alive with some very festive activities as well as entertainment in January. We will definitely be busy and we cannot wait. Please join us as we enjoy these upcoming months! If you have any questions or comments about any upcoming activities please contact Cheryl Hayes, Memory Garden Activities Coordinator, (716)488-9434, extentsion 2226. Or email at