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Frewsburg Rest Home December Look Back

It has been a Holly and Jolly December! We started the month with the Vikings Chorus, Darren and Kristen Lambert performing, and Saved by Grace also performed. We also had Gabriella, Happy Grams, Davis and Eng., and Bill Eckstrom perform at FRH as well.
We got into the Christmas spirit at FRH and enjoyed many Christmas activities such as Secret Santa, Rudolph Race, Poke-A-Tree. The residents really enjoyed Poke-A-Tree. We also enjoyed baking chocolate covered mash mellow reindeer. Those were delicious! Along with the snickerdoodle cookies! We also made our own Christmas ornaments. We took plastic covered ornaments and dipped them into water with nail polish on top of the water and the ornaments looked like giant marbles afterwards.
The Golden Gems did a wonderful job performing at Tanglewood, The Chautauqua Mall, and Frewsburg Rest Home. We have such a talented group of singers at FRH. Bob did a wonderful job performing his solo at the mall and we sure did enjoy listening to him sing!
We also went to Johnny’s Lunch, Alfie’s, and back to the Zippo Museum for our outings. The Zippo Museum was a really neat place. The residents watched an informative movie about the history of the Zippo lighters and the engineering behind the lighters.
We also had one big Christmas party for all the resident at FRH. We had a cheese and cracker tray, sandwiches, and cake. It was delicious and the kitchen did a great job with preparing the food. We also had two Christmas parties for the Veterans at FRH. We are so thankful for all those Vets who sacrificed their life in order to protect our country!
We also had a birthday party for all of our December birthday’s. We celebrated 6 residents who had December Birthday’s! We also had a New Year’s Eve Party! We had a great time celebrating the countdown until 2019! Let’s hope that 2019 has a lot in store for all the residents and staff at Frewsburg Rest Home.