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Comfort Today December Look Back

Christmas season…it’s the most wonderful time of the year.   Comfort Today began the season by trimming our ten foot Christmas tree.  When it was finished, we enjoyed Christmas memories, hot cocoa, and cookies in front of the fireplace.

We enjoyed some special entertainment this month (as we sipped hot cocoa by the fireplace). The entertainment was so special because it was the granddaughter of one of our members. Her name is Rebecca, and when we asked her what genre she performed, she said “jazz for folks” (meaning a little jazz, and a little folk).  Thank you Rebecca for sharing your special talent with us!

This month, Comfort Today hosted our very first yarn giveaway. It was a huge success!  We had participants from Comfort, Tanglewood, and donated yarn to FRH residents.  Everyone was so excited to choose their own yarn.  It was like an early Christmas.  Thank you to all our staff, and community members for their very generous yarn donations!

We have been busy decorating, and partaking in all the fun Christmas festivities. Things got a little more serious when we played the game “Steal the Present”. We realized the stakes were high when a bag of Reese’s peanut butter cups was the gift everyone wanted to keep.  What fun we had!  We also had a lot of fun decorating our Christmas stockings.  Using the glitter was especially fun! We decorated gingerbread men, and sugar cookies (preparing for a visit from Santa).  Speaking of Santa, our members were very excited when Santa pulled up to our front door to pay us a Christmas visit!

We had a new experience as we headed to Dipson Theatre to see Mary Poppins Returns. It was a wonderful movie, and we had a great time!  Speaking of movies, our members enjoyed a nostalgic moment as we watched Frosty the Snowman with our friends from Zion Pre-K.  We ended our time together working on our own Frosty for the children to take home.

We ended the month with a Christmas lunch at Sakura Buffet. It is a special yearly treat for our members. This month was a very busy, and event filled time for our members. We have made a lot of new memories, and always enjoy sharing time with all of our Comfort Today friends.  We look forward to a new year of new experiences, and remember all the fun times we’ve had. If you have any questions or comments about any upcoming activities please contact Roxanne Vanstrom, Comfort Today Activities Coordinator, (716)338-0500, extentsion 2224. Or email at