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Comfort Today January look back

Although the busyness of the holiday season is over, Comfort Today started 2019 with some fun indoor activities. We kicked off the month and participated in Tanglewood’s Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser. Our members enjoyed choosing from a variety of toppings at the pancake bar. The fundraiser raised money for the Golden Gems choir to buy T-shirts.

Our members enjoy clipping and sorting coupons to send to the Salvation Army Food Pantry. We also were very excited to finally plant our rooted Spider Plant babies during Garden Club. One of our staff members brought in a baby from her plant last Spring to root in our kitchen window sill.  We planted the baby last Summer, and it has become a large plant that gave us all the babies we sent home with our members.

Our members always enjoy playing physical games. Surprisingly, one of our most physical games is called “noodle ball”.  Everyone is always so surprised how much physical exertion hitting a bunch of balloons with pool noodles can be.  It is always a lot of fun, and definitely great exercise for our members.

Our members tried a very challenging craft project that involved a lot of coats of paint. We made a Mason Jar Tissue Holder and were able to take them home to show off all of our hard work.  Our members always enjoy painting.  We also had a lot of fun painting a winter scene with Jill (who directs our group every other month to paint a seasonal picture).

We were very excited that the weather didn’t keep our Pre-K friends away this month. We had fun learning about spiders.  We found out that spinning a spider web wasn’t as easy as we may have thought. We always look forward to the time we spend with our Pre-K friends!

Although the weather can make our activities a little more challenging, we look forward to all the changes the new season brings! If you have any questions or comments about any upcoming activities please contact Roxanne Vanstrom, Comfort Today Activities Coordinator, (716)338-0500, extentsion 2224. Or email at