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Comfort Today February look back

Comfort Today kicked off the month of February with our annual Pre-Game Tailgate party.  We enjoyed pizza, deviled eggs, cheese and crackers, a giant chocolate chip cookie cake, and root beer floats.

Speaking of pizza, one of our members completed a very challenging “pizza” puzzle.  He is very proud of his accomplishment, as are we!

This month our lunch outing was to Davidson’s Restaurant. Their food is so good that it is surprising how many of our folks chose something other than their famous fish fry.  This time, our members were really in the mood for milkshakes.  We have also discovered how good the rice pudding is (especially with whipped cream)!

We had a lot of fun learning to decorate cakes.  Our director, Lindsay taught everyone how to make hearts, stars, and flowers. They were so excited to take their cakes home to show them off (and of course to eat them)!

Our members had a lot of fun creating Valentine’s for the special people in their lives. They are always excited to thank their caregivers, and to let them know how special they are. We sharpened our skills by playing a Valentine’s left/right game, and ended the day with a social with a lot of fun Valentine’s treats.

We ended the month of February with our monthly bake sale (to benefit our Christmas Fund).  We want to express our continued gratitude to all the staff, family members, and residents of Tanglewood that support us monthly by purchasing so many of our baked goods!

We look forward to March and hopefully some Spring weather! If you have any questions or comments about any upcoming activities please contact Roxanne Vanstrom, Comfort Today Activities Coordinator, (716)338-0500, extension 2224. Or email at