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Memory Care Household March Look Back

As we look back at March we had many exciting things going on. We kicked off the month with a visit from some of the Jamestown Jackals Basketball Team. We played a few games of corn hole against them and they were so friendly! We went on outings to Fifties to enjoy milkshakes and french fries. The residents had a blast.

We then were entertained by some awesome entertainment. Such great performers we had were Gabriella Caruso, Nan Hoffman, Lucille Shurkus, and Rick Bruening. We also had our wonderful birthday party while listening to Angelo Alaimo, who has a tremendous amount of great jokes. He also does a great job at playing his instruments. We also had a wonderful Golden Gems concert with the assistance of our music director, Spencer Drake. They did a wonderful job and were enjoyed by everyone.

We had a wonderful Mardi Gras party with King cake and purple punch. The residents really enjoyed it.  They enjoyed their beads and masks that we had for the day. At our Ladies Tea Party we enjoyed awesome minty, Shamrock shakes and some wonderful mint brownies. We traveled around Ireland during our Armchair Travels while munching on some Irish soda bread with butter. The residents loved it.

We also made a fun visit to the Ice Arena for our monthly Silver Sneakers Walking Group. Boy was a chilly but we certainly enjoy getting our cardio fix!
Some of our ladies also participated in our Annual Tanglewood Manor Fashion Show. They got to strut their stuff and they enjoyed every minute of it!

The month of March has been an awesome month. The residents really enjoyed themselves. We are so excited for this beautiful Spring will bring us. If you have any questions or comments about any upcoming activities please contact Cheryl Hayes, Memory Care Households Activities Coordinator, (716)483-2876, extension 2296. Or email at