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Tanglewood Manor March Look Back

Residents and staff sure were feeling lucky this month! March began with a bang as we welcomed some of the Jamestown Jackals here to play corn hole with us!  The guys were super friendly so hopefully we’ll get to see them again!

Our first baking group of the month was Mardi Gras themed and we made cupcakes with purple, green, and yellow sprinkles on them.  Those were a big hit at our Mardi Gras party!  We kept in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit as we enjoyed plenty of Irish treats and St. Patrick’s Day snacks.  We even tried making Irish potato candy for our ladies tea party and it’s safe to say, everyone loved it!

The entertainment this month blew us away, of course, when do our friends ever disappoint us? We heard from Nan Hoffman, Angelo, Lucille Shurkus, the Golden Gems, and Rick Bruening.  A great line up of entertainment for sure!

We also had some other major events this month including, a mass service on Ash Wednesday, a St. Patrick’s snack hour and photo booth, the ladies tea party, arm chair travels to Ireland, and we even held our annual Tanglewood Manor fashion show!  The ladies who participated got to strut their stuff as they walked down our runway.  It was a blast for everyone!

We are really looking forward to the warm weather and beautiful flowers April has promised us! As always we extend our warmest welcome to all of you to come and join us for all the fun that we have planned for the month of April here at Tanglewood Manor. If you have any questions or comments about any upcoming activities please contact Megan Davis, Tanglewood Activity Coordinator, (716)483-2876, extension 2222. Or email at