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Comfort Today May Look Back

Our members have been anxious for the warm weather, so that we can participate in outdoor activities. One of our very favorite things to do is walk at the Town of Ellery Park.  We get our exercise, while enjoying the beauty of the park.

Our members were all smiles as they relaxed on the patio (enjoying the sunshine), and brushed up on their trivia. Another fun time was our Kentucky Derby with Memory Garden. Comfort Today won the winning lap, and was crowned with the Garland of Roses.  We enjoyed alcohol-free bourbon balls, and mint lemonade.  Everyone had such fun, that we are looking forward to doing it again next year!

We celebrated our mothers (and their families) during our Mother’s Day Tea Party. It was a pleasure for our members to meet each other’s families, and spend time sharing stories. Our staff wants to thank all of the family members that took time out of their day to spend with their moms, and our Comfort Today family.  We had a wonderful time!

The theme for this month’s preschool visit was to prepare for Memorial Day. We had a lot of fun stringing our red, white, and blue macaroni necklaces, and making our “parade wands”.  The children had just finished a unit on patterns, so we tested their knowledge as they put their necklaces together.  It was especially fun to watch them swinging their “parade wands” around as they headed back to preschool for the day.

We celebrated Memorial Day with a BBQ in the Louis Ferreri Memorial Park. We played Yahtzee at the picnic tables as we smelled the Fireman’s Chicken (and anticipated the lunch we would be having). We couldn’t have had a more perfect day and just enjoyed being out in the sunshine, and nice weather.

We ended the month with our first-time outing to an Amish luncheon. What an experience we had, we have never been so stuffed with such good food! Stay tuned in for all the upcoming fun we have planned for next month! If you have any questions or comments about any upcoming activities, please contact Roxanne Vanstrom at (716)338-0500, or email at