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Memory Care Household June Look Back

Whew!! We have been looking forward to the summer season so we can go outside to enjoy the warm weather and are so glad to finally get some nice sunshine! We have had a couple of days where we could outside for some golf cart rides and take some strolls around our great facility.

We have been entertained by many great musicians this month. We first started out with Russ Keiser, and the Larsen Family. We enjoyed kicking off our Summer Concert Series with the wonderful Barbara Jean Duo, and The Happy Days Band entertained us with some awesome music that we could dance to. The Steve Strickland Duo was out of this world, because so many of the residents were dancing and really enjoying themselves. We then enjoyed the very talented family, The Band Anastazja.  We have also had a great opportunity to sing along with Nan Hoffman in The Louis Ferreri Memorial Park.

On Father’s Day we went out to lunch with the gentleman to the 50’s diner. They really enjoyed themselves, because they got to choose whatever they liked. It was a real treat. We made some awesome sun catchers and enjoyed painting with Jill.  We did a wonderful armchair travel to Hawaii where we then tasted pineapple smothered in chocolate with some coconut on top of it. It was so good! The Ladies Tea Party was over the top. We made homemade biscuits with fresh strawberries and whipped cream topping. It was enjoyed by everyone. We had a summer social where we went outside had some slushies and lemonade Popsicle’s. We had a social in which we enjoyed fresh fruit, crackers and cheese with a wonderful fruit punch. We had the opportunity to make some vanilla milkshakes. Delicious!

We are looking forward to enjoying great outdoor activities with this sunny warm weather in tow. We have picnics planned and fun outside games for the month of July. For any questions or comments for upcoming month activities, please contact Memory Care Household Activity Coordinator, Cheryl Hayes at (716)483-2876, extension 2296 or email at