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Memory Care Households July Look Back

As we look back on a great July, our Memory Care Household residents have had a lot of fun. It was a good month because of the awesome weather we are having. We were entertained by many bands this month. First we had our Golden Gems perform in our very own Louis Ferreri Memorial Park. We welcomed back the Larsen Family who did a great job. We had our wonderful Saved by Grace, Michael Dennehy and welcomed our Concert Series Group, The KoKoMo Band. They were out of this world. The residents and the staff absolutely had the best time ever. We all participated that night. Fun was had by everyone! Then we were entrained by Darren Lambert and Bart & Bumpy. Last but not least we were entertained by Lucille Shurkus.

We then enjoyed our wonderful Ladies Tea Party where we made ice cream cake which everyone loved. We made chocolate chip cookies which were out of this world. We made vanilla milkshakes and made our own sundaes, while choosing our own toppings.

We enjoyed a week of Senior Olympics. We played Ladder Ball,Corn Hole and Lawn Darts. The residents really enjoyed themselves as they competed for the title. Fun was enjoyed by all. We also got a little competitive and went outside to play horseshoes. One of our residents took first place in the Olympics

Some crafts we made were fish , sun catchers, and painted some still life scenes. We enjoyed playing games such as corn hole, twister lawn darts, Bingo of many varieties, Uno and balloon volleyball.

The month as a whole was a great success.  August will continue to be a great month with the closing of our Summer Concert Series in the park, Annual Fishing Tournament, and so much more!   For any questions or comments for upcoming month activities, please contact Memory Care House Activity Coordinator, Cheryl Hayes at (716)483-2876, extension 2296 or email at