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Memory Garden July Look Back

The residents here at Memory Garden have enjoyed a fun packed month of July despite dodging a few raindrops. We kicked off the first week with a concert in Louis Ferreri Memorial Park by Tanglewood’s own Golden Gems. As always they performed wonderfully.

What a beautiful day we had for our 4th of July picnic in Louis Ferreri Memorial Park. Friends and family came out to celebrate Independence Day with their loved ones. Great fun had by all!

Due to weather conditions our ice cream outing turned into  cozy ice cream social in the soda shoppe.

This month our residents attended a ‘take out Friday’ lunch from Farmer Brown’s BBQ & Grill. Everyone devoured some great summer time food off the grill. We also had a delicious lunch outing at Pizza Hut. Who can resist great pizza?! Our monthly tea party happened to fall on National Cheesecake Day so of course our residents were served a delectable cheesecake with their tea. Everyone donned their fancy hats and had a great time. National Hot Fudge Sundae Day gave us yet another reason to devour more ice cream, so we relaxed in Black Eyed Susan Courtyard and savored our hot fudge sundaes in the sun. All the bakers came together and made some fabulous fudge brownies. On another day they baked a light and fluffy chocolate cake.

The sun shone brightly for our scenic drive as we enjoyed some fabulous views of Chautauqua Lake as well as the country scenery while travelling the back roads of our beautiful county. Lucille Miller entertained our residents with her talented piano playing at our monthly birthday party. Cake and ice cream go great with piano tunes.

We also enjoyed the musical talents of Saved By Grace, Michael Dennehy, Lucille Shurkus, Dave Johnson and as part of the summer concert series: The Kokomo Time Band.  Don Sandy made his much anticipated weekly performances as did Spencer Drake.

For this month’s craft our residents made some cute colorful birds to hang on our welcome tree in our lobby.

We had fun with quite a variety of games this month. Beanbag Twister is always a hit. Using a Twister game as the target, the residents toss a beanbag onto the colored dot revealed by the spinner. Fact or Fiction is a great game to play to get to know each other. One by one each player picks a card with a statement on it and reads it out loud.

Everybody has to guess whether or not the statement is true for that player. We also played ladder ball ( Using a short rope with balls on each end, players toss it at a three rung ladder trying to wrap it around one of the rungs.), ring toss, bowling, penny toss and kick ball (kicking a ball around the circle to each other). Other favorites are Nerf target shooting, Frisbee golf (try to toss the Frisbee into the basket), cornhole (toss the beanbag into the hole in the board), lawn darts, bocce ball (roll your ball out trying to be the closest to the jack ball), horse shoes and shuffle board. The residents also had a lot of fun playing ‘What’s Next?’ (try to guess what comes next after being given part of a common phrase, song or nursery rhyme), ‘What’s in the bag?’ (without looking a resident puts their hand in the bag and tries to guess what is in the bag just by touch),putt-putt golf, balloon volley ball ( hit the balloons to each other trying to keep them in the air) and noodle ball (Using a pool noodle, hit the balloon around the circle to each other). We had a blast with a magazine scavenger hunt (Splitting up into two teams, everybody gets a magazine and cuts out any items they find that matched those on the list. The first team to find everything on the list wins!). Bringing out the white board we played some  fun games of Pictionary (Try to guess what’s being drawn.), Hangman (guess the mystery word one letter at a time) and word-in-word (find as many words as possible within a bigger word). The residents also enjoyed a card game called 7-Up, where everyone receives seven cards face up and when one of your cards matches a card picked from a separate deck you turn tour card over. The first to turn all their cards over wins!

On good weather days our residents love to take golf cart rides on the trails through the gorgeous Louis Ferreri Memorial Park. We’ve also been keeping up with our vegetable garden by weeding and watering it. Everyone enjoys seeing how well it’s progressing.

Looking forward to another month of fun summer time events. August is going to prove to be a great conclusion to an enjoyable summer! If you have any questions or comments for upcoming activities please contact Margaret Wright at (716)488-9434, ext. 2226, or email at