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Memory Care Households August Look Back

Our Memory Care Households have had a wonderful month of  August.  We have enjoyed some activities outside which has been great. The weather seemed to finally cooperate when we needed it to. We kicked off the first week with our August Birthday Party with Angelo Alaimo. It is great to have Angelo back playing at our parties again.

We kicked off many concerts in the month of August. We first were entertained by The Larsen Family. As always they do such a wonderful job. We also enjoyed many musical talents for the month of August.  First  Russ Keiser, Tim Stockman, The Lake Erie Banjo Company, Don Sandy, Davis and Eng, The Dixie Doodler’s, and Cindy Sue. Each and everyone did a beautiful job. Our residents really enjoy listening to music.

This month, we enjoyed a” Take Tuesday from Farmer Brown’s.” Each one of the residents enjoyed picking out what they wanted to eat. We had a great Tuesday lunch together. Some other exciting things that the residents did this month is “What is in the Hat?”, playing some different types of Bingo, such as Sea Life Bing, Camping Bingo and Nature Bingo. We did the game Minute To Win It. It was a lot of fun and had a few good laughs, as the residents got to throw  “Cheese its” at The Activity Coordinator.  She is wearing a hat with shaving cream on it. We played prize twister which was fun. You can win different prizes on different colors.

We had a great Ladies Tea Party. The ladies enjoyed watermelon, blueberries and lemonade out on the patio. It was a beautiful day. The residents enjoyed the warm sunshine. One day all of the residents came together and we made homemade chocolate chip cookies and boy were they delicious!

The residents painted flower pots white with a green rock to represent a cacti. They added a nice to touch to the residents’ rooms. We attended our Annual Fishing Tournament in our Louis Ferreri Memorial Park. Some of us got pretty competitive to see who could catch the biggest fish!

This month we had an End of Summer BBQ. The food was awesome, the weather was great, and everyone enjoyed themselves ! Now it is sad to say that we are coming to the end of summer. We will embrace what comes ahead.  We are all looking forward to Fall activities like apple crisp , eating fresh apples, picking up fresh leaves to make prints of. We are so excited for what September has in store! If you have any questions or comments about upcoming activities, please contact Cheryl Hayes, Memory Care Household Activities Coordinator, at (716)483-2876, ext 2296, or email