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Assisted Living Community or a Nursing Home? It’s All About Finding the Right Level of Care

As we grow older, we realize more and more what the important things in life are. We value our time spent with family and friends and we want to spend more time on hobbies that bring us joy. Deciding that we or our loved ones need a little extra help with day to day activities shouldn’t change that. Even when extra assistance is required, it’s possible to enjoy a high quality of life doing the things that keep us young at heart—it all comes down to identifying the required level of care.

When helping a loved one decide where to take the next step, you’ll probably be choosing between two primary options—an assisted living community or a skilled nursing home. Though the two are often mistakenly used inter-changeably, the difference between their levels of care is huge.

Perhaps your loved one enjoys playing an instrument, painting or cooking and looks forward to meeting up with friends for movies, coffee or dinner. They value their independence and lead a full and active life, but they have a little trouble with mobility and need some help remembering their daily medication. They would be a perfect fit for an assisted living community.

Assisted living communities, like those offered by the Tanglewood Group, allow seniors to make the most of their golden years. Compassionate caregivers help seniors with things like personal care and medications while encouraging them to enjoy active lifestyles in the company of like-minded individuals. They’re always more affordable than skilled nursing facilities and they promote a positive, young-at-heart mindset with daily events and activities to look forward to every day.

A nursing home is a better choice for loved ones who require round-the-clock care and attention from doctors or nurses. They’re best for seniors struggling to maintain their health, independence, medication routine and personal hygiene. They usually place less emphasis on daily activity and socializing. It is therefore an unfortunate reality that they’re known for being isolating and lonely compared to the vibrant, active environment at an assisted living community. Whereas nursing homes are clinical settings, assisted living communities are social settings that feel more like home.

It’s not uncommon to overestimate the required level of care, but we do our loved ones a disservice when we place them in a care environment that’s not appropriate for them. Assisted living is the better choice—even for those who need some assistance with everyday tasks—because it provides the support they need while allowing them to maintain a full, active life. In most cases, there is no need to go right from living independently to round-the-clock monitoring in a nursing home.

When your loved one joins a community like Tanglewood Manor, it becomes their home, even as they age and their needs change. This means they can stay for as long as they need to.

We all want the best possible care for our loved ones, and nothing is more important than seeing them as happy and comfortable as possible. Taking the next step is a big decision—one that deserves to be carefully thought through with your loved one’s necessary level of care in mind. If you have questions about taking the next step, call us at 716-483-2876 and talk to a care manager today.