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Comfort Today January Look Back

Comfort Today is looking forward to the new adventures that we have planned for the New Year 2020!

Although we enjoy our socials, we know the importance of regular activity, and exercise to maintain our overall health, and independence.  We participate in daily chair exercises, and stretches.  When we are not exercising, we are at the Wellness Center.  We are very fortunate to have a personal trainer on staff to help us to maintain good health.

In January, we had our first ever “chili dump”. If you are wondering what that is, it’s when you combine different chili recipes by “dumping” them together.  In our case, we combined inferno with mild to make a “just right” combination. Add grilled cheese sandwiches and brownies to make an extra special lunch.

Our members always look forward to our monthly lunch outings.  This month, we enjoyed lunch at Gametime.  The chicken finger stromboli was a real hit.

Although the winter weather can seem long, we always manage to keep active (whether inside or out).  We enjoy watching our preschool friends walking over to Comfort Today from Zion Covenant Church. They have the cutest winter apparel. This month, we were told by the teacher that eyeglasses are the rage, so we had a lot of fun noticing all the girls in their new glasses.  It is so nice to have the opportunity to spend time with our preschool friends; they keep us young at heart!

We are looking forward to what February has to offer us here at Comfort Today. If you have any questions or comments about any upcoming activities, please contact Roxanne Vanstrom at (716)338-0500, or email at