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Comfort Today February Look Back

What a fun and busy February, us Comfort Today folks have had!

This month we changed things up a bit.  Instead of TGIF, we looked forward to the first Monday of the month.  It was our first tailgate party of the year.  Instead of grilling, we opted for Chicken Wing pizza (from Crosby’s), chicken wings, and salad. What a hit!  Some of our members don’t have the opportunity to get out, so we like to bring some of our community treasures in!

Our members had a lot of fun casting their votes to see what the ground hog had to say.  Surprisingly enough, both Punxsutawney Phil, and Dunkirk Dave agreed that we would have an early spring. Our members are definitely looking forward to that!

We always look forward to Painting with Jill, and this month it was all about hearts.  We took down our Christmas trees, and replaced them with our very vibrant heart paintings.

We want to thank everyone for wearing red on National Wear Red Day in order to help to raise awareness to prevent stroke, and to encourage healthy heart health in women.

Sometimes, you have conversations that are too memorable to forget.  During crochet club, Roxanne was commenting that she hadn’t been knitting as much as she would like (because she had purchased a Cricut).  A Comfort Today member said “you bought an insect?”  Roxanne explained to her that a Cricut was a craft machine, and we all had a good laugh.

We ended the month with our Besties Bash (to celebrate Best Friends Day).  We had an ice cream social to celebrate.  One of our members had the “works” on his sundae.  We also had a fun time making friendship bracelets.

We are looking forward to some fun activities that we have scheduled for the month of March.  March is National Music in our Schools Month, and we will be going to see “All Shook Up”, which will be held at Southwestern School. If you have any questions or comments about any upcoming activities, please contact Roxanne Vanstrom at (716)338-0500, or email at