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Memory Garden February Look Back

It’s been a fun February for our folks here at Memory Garden. The groundhog’s prediction has us all looking forward to an early spring. Until then, we’re making the most of our time indoors.

We had an impressive entertainment line up this month, beginning with a Valentine’s Day concert performed by our own Golden Gems Choir led by Spencer Drake as well as a performance from The Bell Choir led by Mary Schmidt. We ventured over to Tanglewood for a concert by singer Dan Vogan, who is also a very talented guitar and banjo player. The residents again enjoyed the sweet harmonies of Saved By Grace. Rick Bruening entertained us with his songs and interesting tales. Our monthly birthday party was hopping to the piano tunes of Lucille Miller. The residents enjoyed another trip over to Tanglewood for a concert with King’s Express. Mike Dennehy came in and played some favorite country hits for our folks. The residents were delighted to hear the very gifted Jeaneen Jaynes play some familiar favorites on the piano. Don Sandy rocks the activity room every Wednesday during coffee house with his lively polka music. Spencer Drake brings his guitar leading our residents in a sing along on Wednesday afternoons. Dave Johnson came in for his monthly visit bringing in his guitar and accordion.

Every Friday morning Mary Schmidt does a music related activity with the residents such as sing-along, music games and rhythm circles. Thursday mornings Patrick Walsh guides us through a session of chair yoga. The residents do various gentle stretching motions while sitting in chairs. Beverly DiMaio is back providing Bible Study for our residents every Wednesday 12:30-1:30.

For take-out-Tuesday our folks enjoyed a delicious Applebee’s lunch and this month’s lunch outing took us to Davidson’s Restaurant for their fabulous fish fry. The baking club made some decadent chocolate chunk cookies that our residents promptly devoured. On National Homemade Soup Day we made meatball soup during the morning activity. After simmering in a crock-pot for a few hours we enjoyed eating it during the afternoon activity while reading some humorous stories. The residents enjoyed a Valentines Tea Party. They were served heart shaped cookies and Valentine cupcakes to go with their favorite tea, while listening to popular love songs from the 50’s and 60’s.

For a craft this month we painted and decorated hearts for Valentine’s Day decorations.

Of course we played some of our favorite games, such as kickball (Sitting around in a circle while kicking the ball to each other), balloon volleyball (try to keep all the balloons in the air by hitting them back and forth to each other), ring toss, bowling and corn hole (tossing beanbags into the hole in the game board).

The residents had a blast during our faux snowball fight, throwing snowball sized cotton balls at each other, bringing out the kid in all of us! We also had a snowball toss, throwing the fake snowballs into the holes in the cardboard snowman for different point values.

We brought out the penny toss game, bingo, Giant Kerplunk (try to pull out a stick without dropping any marbles), the 7-Up card game (everybody’s dealt seven cards face up – when one of your cards match the card drawn from a second deck, flip your card over. The first to flip over all their cards wins!), and the Mexico Dice game (every player rolls a pair of dice, the smallest number is eliminated – play rounds until one player is left the winner) “What’s Next?” is another favorite among residents. After being given part of a phrase, song or nursery rhyme, they try to remember what comes next.

We brought out the big white board and played Rhyme Time (how many words can you think of that rhymes with the word on the board), Pictionary and the Word-in-word game (how many words can you make using the letters in the word written on the board). We also had a great time shooting the Nerf suction cup darts at the target drawn on the board.

The magazine scavenger hunt brought out everyone’s competitive side, looking in magazines for given items and cutting them out. The team with the most items wins!

February’s been a lot of fun but hang in their everyone ’cause Spring is right around the corner! If you have any questions or comments for upcoming activities, please contact Margaret Wright, Memory Garden Activities Coordinator at (716)488-9434 ext 2226, or email at