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What to Look for When Choosing an Assisted Living Community

Choosing where to take the next step and enjoy your golden years is no small decision, and there are many factors to consider when doing so. You want a place equipped to provide compassionate care when you need it, but you also want to feel embraced by a community that encourages you to make the most of every day. At Tanglewood, we want to help make the transition to your new home as simple as possible, which is why we’ve outlined a few essential things to look for when considering an assisted living community.

Do they have the proper licensure/credentials?

When selecting a new home for your loved one, it’s crucial to check its licenses to ensure it meets the criteria for assisted living as outlined by the New York State Department of Health’s definition. Not all health care options do so, and those that do, including Tanglewood, are more likely to offer best-in-class care and amenities that meet the criteria.

Do they offer a range of scheduled activities and events?

Regularly scheduled events and activities gives residents something fun and exciting to look forward to everyday. They allow them to keep up with favorite hobbies or learn new ones, stay active and socialize with friends new and old. An assisted living community that makes a concerted effort to offer a range of activities—anything from live music to holiday celebrations—offers a higher quality of life for its residents and encourages them to make the most of their golden years.

Do they offer specialized memory care?  

The ability to offer specialized memory care requires the right combination of compassionate, trained professionals and a safe, secure facility specifically designed with the needs of memory care residents in mind. If you or a loved one struggles with Alzheimer’s or dementia, you’ll want to look for an assisted living community that truly understands and embraces the needs of memory care residents with specialized care and programming.

At Tanglewood, we strive to offer best-in-class memory care from health care professionals specially trained to help residents with Alzheimer’s and dementia thrive. We create a vibrant and social atmosphere in which residents with memory care needs are encouraged to live full, active lifestyles, because they’re as much a part of our community as everyone else.

Will you be allowed to “age in place” or will you get kicked out after you spend down?

Not all assisted living communities will allow residents age in place, but some will allow you to stay as long as you need, even if your ability to pay changes.

At Tanglewood, you’ll call our community home for as long as you want to. We offer the different levels of independence, comfort and connectedness that individuals need to thrive. Our compassionate caregivers are trained health care professionals, and we’re equipped to provide the continuum of care required at every stage, so you don’t have to leave just because your needs change.

Additionally, not all communities will allow you to stay put when your ability to pay changes, so it’s important to check their policy on long-term care insurance. We accept long-term care and VA insurance and also offer financial assistance. Plus, when you join our community, you stay—even after you spend down and your money runs out.

Do they emphasize appropriate levels of care?

The Olmstead Decision requires that individuals be placed in the level of care that’s most appropriate for them and no more. When deciding where your loved one should take their next step, observe the emphasis an assisted living option puts on providing the right level of care at every stage.

Active seniors who just need extra help with day-to-day tasks belong in a licensed assisted living community like Tanglewood Manor—a place where they can truly flourish. This progressive approach to assisted living often results in monumental physical improvements in our residents just weeks after admittance.

If you’re looking for a community that checks all these boxes (and so many more), don’t hesitate to visit our website or give us a call. It may be time to speak with a care manager about scheduling a visit to one of our beautiful communities to see the Tanglewood difference for yourself.