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Tanglewood Manor Memory Care Household August Lookback

August has come and gone, and the year continues inching closer and closer to the chill of winter’s embrace. Before that day arises, we at Tanglewood are making the most of the ending days of summer, as it verges into a colorful autumn.

This past August was a very active month for Tanglewood Memory Care! From our various crafting groups that had the residents make DIY air fresheners, pipe cleaner flowers, and suncatchers. To various baking groups that had the residents bake chocolate chip cookie cake, coffee cake, pistachio jello-o dessert, and watermelon rice-Krispy treats.

We had a great time celebrating Our Hometown Sweetheart, Lucille Ball’s Birthday on August 6th in a comedic way, just as we think she would have. We watched “I love Lucy” episodes and played a fun game of “Pin the fire on Lucy’s nose”!

Outside of the highlighted events, the various month-to-month mainstays were continued, and our residents show continuing enjoyment for the diverse programming offered here. Mary S. hosts various music activities, including the famed “Golden Gems” every Wednesday, as well as the incredibly musical Chimes every week. Physical activities included bowling, dice darts, target golf, shuffleboard, corn hole, and much more.

Going forward, we are looking forward to the days in which our residents can truly enjoy all of the wonders that Chautauqua has to offer. But until this pandemic subsides, we will be coming up with new and creative ways to enrich the lives of our residents here!

If you have any questions or comments for upcoming activities, please contact Daryl Simons, Activities Director at (716)483-2876, ext. 2222. or email at