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The Tanglewood Group & Culture Care Senior Living: The Countdown to the Senior Health Matters Expo Begins

In the heart of summer, we reflect upon an exciting journey we’ve embarked upon at The Tanglewood Group and Culture Care Senior Living. We started with a mission – a simple yet profound one: to enrich the lives of our seniors, their families, our dedicated team members, and to uplift the communities that we serve.

Through the peaks and troughs of the healthcare industry, our commitment to our mission has remained unshaken and our resolve has only strengthened. Instead, we have been inspired to raise the bar higher and set an example through our ‘Senior Health Matters Campaign’ announced in June.

Progress of the ‘Senior Health Matters’ Campaign

We embarked on an ambitious journey –  leveraging our awards and recognition as being in the top 2% of Senior Living and Memory Care providers nationwide to heighten and realign the the focus on senior health and sharing our top 3 core values in hopes to inspire others.

1. Resident Focus: Putting our seniors at the heart of everything we do.
2. Team Empowerment: Building a supportive, collaborative environment for our team members to flourish thus creating our,  Teamwork to truly make the Dreamwork.
3. Continuity of Care:Ensuring seamless transitions in care for our seniors through strong community partnerships, trusting community relationships and effective communication.

We are thrilled to report the significant strides we’ve made in highlighting the first two core values over the past months. Whether it be shining a light on our residents through dancing allowing them to shine and show their support and excitement of the campaign, or highlighting out team members and their passion for caring for our seniors, our campaign has continued to grow gaining tremendous traction on social media and our local news stations/publications. We’ve witnessed the power of our community by the incredible amount of support our local businesses, local officials, and community members have shown which we have also spotlighted their commitment to this extremely important cause. We’re truly doing whatever it takes to make a difference, but the journey is far from over as we are getting closer and closer to our Senior Health Matters Expo, bringing our community together, focusing on our number one priority as senior living providers, our seniors.

The Final Countdown: Senior Health Matters Expo

As we stand on the brink of August, the excitement is palpable. On August 5th, we’ll bring our campaign to a powerful close with the inaugural ‘Senior Health Matters Expo’ at the Tanglewood Campus in Jamestown, NY.

This Expo is more than a culmination or a “finale”. It’s the beginning of a more profound, collective effort towards ensuring that senior health remains a priority. We’re shining a spotlight on our third core value: Continuity of Care. Seamless transitions, community partnership, and effective communication are vital for maintaining a high standard of care for our seniors.

Together We Stand

We urge everyone within the communities that we serve and beyond to join us at the Expo, an event geared to realign focus, foster growth, and most importantly, reconnect our community with our fellow healthcare providers. It’s a chance for us to stand together to ensure our seniors get the priority they deserve.

Visitors can enjoy live music and mingle with the close to 30 local businesses that will be there supporting the cause, enjoy food from the famous Underdog BBQ, free giveaways, and enjoy the scenic walking trails, tranquil ponds and bask in the lively atmosphere of the meaningful Expo to support the very individuals who are the bedrock of our community, our seniors.

Follow our journey, support our mission, and join us at the Expo to make a difference. Because when we stand together our impact is greater allowing us to reaffirm that #SeniorHealthMatters, today, tomorrow, and always.

We are here to care,

The Culture Care Senior Living and Tanglewood Group Team