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Culture Care Senior Living Launches “Make a Wish” for Seniors as Part of #HereToCare Campaign

May 24, 2024 – Culture Care Senior Living is proud to announce the launch of its “Make a Wish” program, a key initiative within the first month of their #HereToCare campaign, which emphasizes the first pillar of their mission: their Seniors. This program aims to fulfill the lifelong dreams of their seniors, demonstrating that it is never too late for dreams to come true and that we should always strive to do more for our Seniors.

The Tanglewood Manor community in Jamestown recently had the privilege of granting a wish that touched the hearts of many on social media. One of their beloved residents, Ms. Penelope, had always dreamed of visiting a horse stable. This heartwarming surprise was brought to light by Terri Ingersoll from The Tanglewood Group and made possible through the diligent efforts of Zach Hnatyszyn, VP of Community Outreach at Culture Care, and the entire Tanglewood team. In collaboration with Double Dab Horse Stable, the team orchestrated a surprise that Ms. Penelope will cherish forever.

Without revealing the destination, the team took Ms. Penelope for a drive, culminating in a breathtaking moment when she found herself surrounded by 100 majestic horses at the stable. The experience was filled with tears of joy, heartfelt laughter, and profound moments of connection.

Ms. Penelope’s emotional statement resonated with everyone who heard it on social media: “Never forget that it’s never too late for your dreams to come true.”

Gary Rohinsky, Owner and CEO of Culture Care Senior Living, shared: “This is a special start to a program we’ve longed to implement, being our own personal dream coming true with the plan to incorporate this into our life enrichment program throughout all our communities every year moving forward. It truly highlights the spirit and culture of our team, always looking to do more for our seniors. Seeing Ms. Penelope’s dream come true was a powerful reminder of why we do what we do and why everyone needs to put more focus on doing more for our Elders.”

Zach Hnatyszyn added: “Taking Ms. Penelope was an incredibly moving experience. Witnessing her joy was truly unforgettable. This marks the beginning of an exciting future for our ‘Make a Wish’ program and our current #HereToCare campaign. We can’t wait to roll out what we have in store for the remainder of our campaign, impacting not only the lives of our residents but also our team members and the surrounding communities that we serve.”

As seen on their TikTok account and all their social media platforms, everything from dance and disco parties with “bouncers” checking IDs of their residents, to resident spotlights showcasing the wisdom seniors have to offer the world, highlights the fun and engaging activities they have planned. The campaign has much more in store, as they expressed that next month will focus on highlighting their team members, with the following month dedicated to the community. If you would like to get involved or collaborate, they can be reached via email at